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You have decided to investigate a recently abandoned house at the end of the block (as kids do), and upon investigation you find the house is haunted and has locked you inside! Now you must find clues that strangly you can only see with your flashlight to find the key to get out, but be careful ghosts can find you when you have your flashlight on... Don't let them touch you... and Get Out of the House!


Movement - WASD and arrow keys. and Shift for running.

Action (will be displayed when needed) - E

Flashlight - F

I made this of the highest quality I could in a week so there are many features missing, and it isn't as fleshed out as I would like it to be. That being said I will be updating this and actually making it into a nice game at twitch.tv/adustyoldmuffin. Thank you!

ALL ARTWORK IS FREE TO USE FROM http://opengameart.org/


Get Out of the House.exe 2 MB

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